Spaces Concession Regulation
Article 1. To whom are available:

To natural or legal entities, Public Sector Entities and Private entities, Spiritual Foundations, Scientific Institutions, Organizations, Chambers, Unions, Clubs, Cultural Groups or individuals within the Board’s discretion.

Article 2. How they are available:

  1. By submitting a signed form “REQUEST” located on the company’s website.
  2. The claim for concession is approved or rejected according to the terms hereof.
  3. Request submitted by any debtor is accepted only after payment of the debt.
  4. Request containing conditions or restrictions is not accepted.
  5. The rejection of the request for whatever reason does not create a claim against the Company.

Article 3. Concession Impediments:

  1. When the University needs the premises for conducting his own events.
  2. When it allocated to another who asked for it earlier.
  3. When the applicant has breached the terms of this or any contract with the University in the past.

Article 4. Signing Contract

  1. After approval of the request the party concerned is asked to sign the relevant agreement within fifteen (15) days by paying the deposit.
  2. If this deadline passed without action, presumed withdrawal of the request.

Article 5. Request Revocation – Cancellation:

  1. The revocation is a written statement.
  2. If the withdrawal is received by the University before signing the contract, the applicant is not burdened financially, but if received after the signature withheld the entire amount of the advance.
  3. If the cancellation is due to force majeure as provided by law, the Company has the right to require the person to pay all or only part of the agreed amount.

Article 6. Payment

When signing the contract is paid 30% of the amount. The remaining amount of money is paid three (3) days prior to use of the premises. It is clarified that the above arrangements relate only to the payment of compensation for use of space and not the amounts that will be required for any additional benefit.

In exceptional cases, where events are organized entirely by members of the University of Thessaly, which lack skilled resources in their organization or no sponsor them, the Company’s Board of Directors may by reasoned decision to reduce the compensation Occupancy. However, this reduction, cannot be less than the required operating costs of used rooms and other spaces in the use of the event.

Article 7. Spaces and Equipment Delivering & Receiving Procedures-Policies:

  1. It is made with the signing of a protocol, after which the latter takes full responsibility for safeguarding the assets of the received space and severally liable for any loss or damage them.
  2. Immediately after the event, the spaces assigned to the Company again with Protocol setting out any losses or damages and the valuation made by the Technical Service of the University. Objects and all kinds of materials that has supplied the organizer of the event may be withheld from Σ.Π.Κ if not paid to it by the obligations of the organizer.

Article 8. Limitations – Prohibitions – Responsibilities:

  1. The Board of the Company is entitled at any time to check compliance with the agreed.
  2. Prohibited:
  3. a) The use of spaces that are not allocated.
  4. b) The change in the layout of spaces.
  5. c) Use for purposes other than those mentioned in the application.
  6. d) The posters or stickers pasting and the objects with nails suspension or mounting in any area.
  7. e) Placing advertisements.
  8. f) The subletting of the available space (total or partial) or free available to third parties.
  9. The users of the spaces are required to restore any damage caused during the use of premises
  10. The Company is not liable for actual faults or shortages of premises supplies for use, nor for loss, damage or wear materials imported for granted do areas.
  11. The users of the spaces are solely responsible for any accident that may occur during the events in the spaces accorded them. The Company is not under any liability in the event that will be held accountable to any third parties, users are required to restore any damage (physical or moral) from this ground.

Article 9. Final Provisions:

  1. The Company has the right to amend or supplement the Regulation, while informing the interested parties. Changes are binding if communicated promptly.
  2. Since the signing of the contract is presumed unconditional acceptance of the Regulation by the person concerned, which is obliged to apply the provisions contained therein as well as indications of Company Services.
  3. Issues not regulated by this Regulation and the Contract shall be settled by the Company’s Board.
  4. Violation of any term hereof entail revocation of the disposal spaces by the Company’s Board.
  5. For the differences between the Company and any third party falls within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Volos.